arduino 0021 deb package howto

Good day everyone, long time no see… :slight_smile:

If anybody wants to use arduino 0021 directly as a deb package into ubuntu/debian/linux mint do this:

  1. go to administration>software sources:

  2. go to the “Other software” tab

  3. look for the “add” button and just copy and paste the line below as is:

deb experimental main

  1. when you touch the “close” button, it will start to reload the repos inmediately. If an error window pops up about not finding a GPG Key, just ignore and close it, as some debian packages (sid-unstable) there, are in the bleeding edge, and some are very likely to not being authenticated too. :slight_smile:

  2. once the software sources application has exited, go to the synaptic package manager and browse for the arduino packages

  3. mark the “arduino” and “arduino-core” packages which now should be labeled with 0021+dfsg-2 instead of 0018+dfsg-2, with signs of asking an update, and as i’ve sad before, please ignore the advice of “non authenticated package”, or something like that :stuck_out_tongue: and install them.

I’ve done this and tested some basic PDE examples with a regular (still FTDI) arduino duemilanove, in linux mint 10, these three are actually working by now:

→ blink
→ And two firmata examples:
a) EchoString
b) SimpleDigitalFirmata

UNO and Mega 2560 not yet tested.

If somebody has already tried this with the arduino UNO, Mega 2560, Duemilanove, or mega 1280 with more working examples, or anyone is having problems while doing the procedure above, please send me a feedback through here of what works and what breaks, just to let me know, I’m not a package mantainer :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: I’d appreciate it.

regards. :slight_smile:

P.S. the web page with some detailed information is here:

Oh, and I forgot to mention something really important:

Please keep in mind, that once you install the arduino 0021 package, you should remove the unstable debian repository by going trough the software source application, so to avoid breaking the system :wink:

Anyway, one you install the newest arduino package, it remains in the apt-cache so it’s safe to remove the repo.