Arduino 006 hangs-up - Mac

Hello Togehter, i´am a newbie, searched the forum, but i didn´t find anything related to my problem. Can anyone help me please?

Software: - Arduino 006 - Mac OS X 10.4.8

Hardware: - Arduino NG USB Board

Problem/Scenario: - reseting the board and burning the program from arduino006 works fine in the first cycle. - then testing the communication between Arduino and Flash with ss6.jar. - closing ss6.jar, then burning a new programm, arduino006 hangs-up while burning. - After arduino hang-up, the programm is not responding and "immediately quit" doesn´t work. I have to restart the computer, to do use Arduino again.

Have anyone suggestions, about this hang-up?

Thankyou for your answers and suggestions

I haven't used ss6.jar, so this suggestion might not apply, but did you try closing the connection before you exited ss6.jar?

Hello mellis, thanks for your answer and suggetions – i also think that can be the solution.

ss6.jar reports in its debug window: "Socket port 9001 taken. Port /dev/tty.usbserial-A4000Q3r in use". But there´s no option in the ss6.jar serial server application to close a connection.

is there a way closing a connection by the terminal/unix based?

thanks for your efforts, regards daniel

type ctrl-c in the terminal window

this means press th ctrl key and C at the same time...

this kills the process that's running in the foreground i/e the serial proxy


i think it was a problem with the ss6.jar server - i did´t continued to solve this problem and switched to: Beltran Berrocal´s "Serial Proxy" which works fine.

Thank you for your suggestions! regards