Arduino 016 + MEGA + Ethernet = Problems?

I have a MEGA board and a Wiznet Ethernet Shield. I was usinig version 15 of the IDE and running into a problem with the code not properly closing the connection. I found a few topics that discussed this issue and heard that version 16 of the IDE was out and was suppossed to resolve this problem. But now none of my ethernet code works.

Taking the problem down to its simplest form this is what I am left with: In version 16, I can compile and upload the included WebServer example but cannot access the webpage nor ping the ip address. In version 15, I can compile and upload the same WebServer example and everything works fine. I can load the webpage and I get a ping response.

Has anyone else used this combination (IDE 016, MEGA, and the Wiznet)? Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Nevermind. :-/ I found my mistake. I forgot that you need to download/make changes to the spi.h file to make it work on the MEGA. I missed this step when I setup version 016.