Arduino 1.0.4 IDE freeze for several minutes, frequently


Currently using Arduino 1.0.4 on a Windows 7 (64-bit) machine (decently powered - Core i5 (quad-core), 6GB RAM). I am using Java SE 1.6.0_45.

The problematic behavior I observed, is very similar to what is mentioned in these very old threads (2011, and some as old has 2009) --,50986.0.html,46977.0.html

So, wondering if the problem still does exist in the latest rxtx lib used by Arduino ?

I do have 2 other (apart from Arduino's FTDI one) virtual COM-port drivers installed (but currently, the devices are not plugged-in). The other COM-port drivers are:

  • PL2303HX based TTL-Serial converter
  • USBASP programmer

The problem is quite bothersome. So, should I use the RXTX lib (hacked) mentioned in the solution circa. Feb 2011 ?


Just to let others know - I didn't find a solution to my problem.

So I ditched Arduino on Windows (at least for now), and moved my dev work to Linux. Works flawlessly.
Having recently discovered Arduino-mk (Makefile based), build workflow, I am happily using Vim (with Arduino aware syntax highlighting) and having a gala time :slight_smile: