Arduino 1.0.5 Problem/Request

When I select ‘open sketch’ the libraries entry is automatically expand. This presents a problem in that the list is so long I can’t see the bottom of it and there are no scrollbars to allow me to see the bottom. Is this a problem or a bug? Is there a setting to prevent the auto expansion of the libraries entry? How about some scrollbars. (See attachment).

hm, wich version do you use?
i have the german 1.0.5 version but there is no library-entry in the “open”-menue.
so perhaps you should try version 1.0.5???

I am Using 1.0.5. The plain version of the IDE does not have a libraries folder, however if you want to add external libraries to your IDE you need to add the keyword 'libraries' folder to the Arduino sketchbook directory. This is where you place third-party programs libraries etc. The IDE automatically looks there for additional sketches.

hm i have a folder called "library" in my arduino main-folder, but still my ide wont show a menu like yours?!?
i dont know whats the difference between yours and mine?

Spelling is important.