Arduino 1.0.5-r2 Issue

I have an RTC project based on the DS1307 RTC that I had been working on with Arduino 1.0.5. My PC crashed and I had to reinstall the Arduino IDE and could only find 1.0.5-r2. It installed fine but the RTC project now won't compile. It fails because it can't find two functions (read and write) in the DS1307RTC.h library... I've reimported the library and that didn't fix the issue. Are there any known issues with either this release of Arduino or the DS1307RTC library? Is release 1.0.5 available to download anymore?

What are the exact error messages, all of them, you get when you verify the code ?

What version of Arduino IDE did you have installed? If it was one prior to v1.0 then the RTC library is probably not compatible and you need to modify it or download a newer version that works with v1.0+ of the IDE. You can find previous versions of the Arduino IDE here.

What version of Arduino IDE did you have installed?

Did you read the thread title?

PaulS: Did you read the thread title?

Yes, it says issues with Arduino 1.0.5-r2. :P I was asking what version the OP used to have installed that had no issues with but I can see it's 105.

Another thing to look for then beings you [u]was[/u] using a version >= 1 is that one of the libraries you may have installed has not got it's own wire.h or twi.h file in the folder. I had this same problem with the BV4613LIB library when I tried to compile a different project that used I2C.

The Arduino IDE version is 1.0.5-r2 as stated in my original submission. Following is the complete error message generated from Arduino v1.0.5-r2:

date_time_v3.cpp.o: In function loop': C:\_Development\arduino-1.0.5-r2/date_time_v3.ino:54: undefined reference toDS1307RTC::read(tmElements_t&)' date_time_v3.cpp.o: In function setup': C:\_Development\arduino-1.0.5-r2/date_time_v3.ino:35: undefined reference toDS1307RTC::write(tmElements_t&)'

The previous Arduino IDE version, 1.0.5, compiled w/o error. The library, DS1307RTC, is in the default Arduino library location and I have verified that it contains definitions for both the 'read' and 'write" functions.

I don't see 1.0.5 in the "old Arduino version" list ??

I don’t see 1.0.5 in the “old Arduino version” list ??

I think the only/main difference between 1.0.5 and the r2 version was the USB driver signatures for Windows 8

miker: Is release 1.0.5 available to download anymore?

Looks like you can get it at



RESLOVED! :~ Apparently if you import an "updated" version of the DS1307RTC library from the Ardjuino Time Library in the Arduino Playground you MUST also import the "updated" version of the TIME library. This is not clearly stated in the Playground but then again, maybe it is implied that if all three of the libraries in the Arduino Time Library have been updated, one should import them all!

Thanks to all who responded....

Glad you got your problem sorted, sorry none of us could help you though.

Hello! I just started using Arduino and also got a problem with 1.0.5-r2. When I try to print smth like "Button 1" in a port monitor I see some unreadible signs instead (totally not ASCII). I tried to find smth about it in internet, but failed: seems like nobody had that problem.

When I try to print smth like "Button 1" in a port monitor I see some unreadible signs instead (totally not ASCII)


Did you set the baud rate correctly at both ends?

Thank you! The problem was in baund rate. Now I understand that it was silly problem, but I just started my way in electronics. By the way the similar problem I faced, when tried to use bluetooth - fixed by serial.begin().