"arduino-1.0.5-r2-windows" gets hung while clicking on "sketch" and "Tools"

I am using Arduino IDE(Arduino 1.0.5) software for programming.But the problem is while im trying to click on “Tools” it does not work and after clicking on “Tools” i cant do anything in that software for a while.I attached an image of that.
The another problem is while uploading data it takes enough time.I tried many times to upload a programe but i got bored as it was too slow and i could not upload the programe due to taking more time.
I am using windows7 and 64 bit.
What should i do now?
When i stop uploading a programe and push “reset” button on Arduino to upload new one.But it shows similar to this(com13 is still using and to upload new one quite a programe) .if i unplug the usb cable from pc but nothing happens.For uploading new programe i have to restart the pc.only then i could upload new one.Though it shows only (Uploading…) and never stops.it goes on.
Hoping to get recovery from this problem.As i am new to arduino a bit confused about what to do.Hoping help.

Does that happens with: [MOD] Arduino Enhanced Release 1.0.5 for Windows (installer, drivers, etc) +SRC - Libraries - Arduino Forum ?

I think official arduino switched from the previous buggy RXTX to a newer library. My mod uses the buggy RXTX but "fixed": Road to solve the delay on the Arduino IDE - Bugs & Suggestions - Arduino Forum