Arduino 1.0 attempts upload then hangs

despite checking the troubleshooting faq, and ensuring latest drivers, correct COM port etc, Arduino will only let me successfully upload a sketch if I reboot my PC. Sketch loads fine, and program runs fine. If I then try to upload a new sketch it compiles it, TX/RX flash, then it just sits there, progress bar at 70%. Press upload again and it says, “COM port3 in use, yada yada yada”. Have to do a reboot, then the whole farce begins again.

Win7 64bit
Arduino 1.0

If you don’t mind, let me know after you try the replacement of the two avrdude files with the older 0023 versions and if that indeed got your Mega2560 reliably uploading again…

If this fix works for a number of people, I was thinking about requesting it be added to the “Why I can’t upload programs to the Arduino board” section of the Arduino Troubleshooting post on this board. Since this appears to be a IDE 1.0 or later problem, it may help many without having to post as I missed the post tgiving the solution to my Mega2560 upload problem in my early look. I did consult the posted trobleshooting guide as that is nicely at the top of forum board.

Hopefully a permanent fix can be included in later IDE versions if that is possible. Sounds like the issue has to due with >= 1.0 using the standard version of avrdude now and the STK500v2 proto the Mega2560 uses. I’m not an expert on the Aruino of AVR environment yet as this was my first use of an Arduino. I also am going to try the boards.txt change that mellis suggested based on a Google post since I jumped on the avrdude file changes to 0023 version first.

Anyway, good luck and I hope it fixes your problem too!

Good idea

I can confirm that, after installing version 1.0.1 and replacing the two files mentioned below, I've been happily uploading sketches all weekend, with as yet no problems.

thanks again


Yes, this solution solved my problem with upload issues with IDE 1.0 and 1.0.1 just yesterday (I am on Windows XP). I only replaced two files as was mentioned in the link you referenced. I'll give a try at a medium level step-by step.

1) The two files I replaced in my 1.0.1 folder structure are; avrdude.exe and & avrdude.conf. They are located in the following directory or folder trees; ...\arduino-1.0.1\hardware\tools\avr\etc ...\arduino-1.0.1\hardware\tools\avr\bin 2) I renamed the existing files instead of deleteing them; avrdude.exe_1.0.1 and avrdude.conf_1.0.1 3) Download the Arduino 0023 IDE and extract these two files from the zip; avrdude.exe and & avrdude.conf. 4) Copy these two older files to the respective folder tree locations listed above where you removed or renamed the originals.

That's it. If you hade the same issue I did you should experience the wonderful sight of "avrdude done. Thank you." on every upload attempt as I now do. Thanks to Louis for pointing the same link out to me. Note, there are other problems that can cause uploads to fail such as driver related or the infamaous "!!!", but your description sounds just like the issue I had.