Arduino 1.0 modify compiler optimization string?


I was wondering if it is possible to specify the optimization string sent to the Arduino in the 1.0 IDE? It appears that this is somewhere in the source code of the IDE. If this is the case, does anybody know if someone has made a modified IDE(that you can download) that allows you to specify?



Deep in the source to the IDE:

To control it yourself, the typical solution is to move to a Makefile (that is, ditch the IDE and build it yourself).


Thanks! Interesting, I knew it had to be in somewhere. I found this link where someone modified the IDE for this modification. I will haven't tried it yet, but plan to tonight or tomorrow. Let you know how it goes.

See links.


If you want to drop back to 0022 you could use this modified IDE:,54456.0.html which allows you specify the options in a preferences file.

As an alternative you could use the mpide IDE which works for both AVR and pic32 based arduino boards. It isn't 1.0 either. It has some 1.0 like IDE capabilities but the core is based on 0023. It allows modifying the compiler and linker options on a per board basis.

--- bill