Arduino 1.0, Ubuntu 10.10, and Mega2560

Is anyone getting successful loads to a 2560, using Arduino 1.0 on Ubuntu 10.10. I asked this question in another context earlier, but after loading and reloading, in all manner of sequences the various packages, I seem condemned to running the IDE on windows if i want to successfully load to a 2560. FWIW, the Ubuntu 10.10 loads to UNO without a hiccup (unless i forget to put a 2 or 3 second delay at that start of a sketch which i want to overwrite.

If no-one is running Arduino 1.0 on Ubuntu 10.10 and successfully loading to a 2560, I'll give up and upgrade the ubuntu to 11.10.

Ubuntu 10.10 is a bit like XP, though, it's gotten comfortable, although Ubuntu is a far better environment to code in - better editors and so forth.

Ubuntu 11.10 might not work, either. I’ve been asking around in the #arduino channel on to see if anyone was able to use the Mega2560 with Arduino 1.0 with any kind of 64-bit linux at all. I found zero people - unless you count the people that claimed they were, but then realized they were not using a Mega or not using linux.

I did eventually get it working in Gentoo, once I got the exact correct combination of versions in the cross-compiler. See if you can find some way to install the AVR versions of GCC 4.6.2, LibC 1.7.1 and BinUtils 2.21 and the 2.2 release of rxtx in either Ubuntu 10.10 or 11.10. That was the magic combination to get my Mega 2560 to work with Gentoo. I suspect the same will be true for any 64-bit Linux.

That is the ONLY combination I found that worked. GCC < 4.4 will not even try to upload to the Mega 2560, as it is not supported. GCC < 4.6.2 appears to work fine but exhibits that serial problem. libc 1.8.0 deprecates functions that arduino is still using. rxtx < 2.2 won’t be able to use /dev/ttyACM0 (but you can symlink it to a name that it can use, like ttyUSB0 as a workaround - or set up a udev rule to do it). Not sure what the deal was with binutils.

further investigation reveals that the two Unos i have are not rev2 or rev3 but the mega 2560 which won't work is rev3. I understand there was a usb firmware change in there. Maybe I'm missing something in my Java setup?

Maybe all these 2560 problems are java problems?

also my setup is Ubuntu 10.10 32 bit.

I upgraded Ubuntu to 11.10. Now i can load and operate the mega2560 rev 3. i also reloaded all the Arduino IDE 1.0 stuff, including all the dependencies.

FWIW, it is still possible to run unbuntu on the Gnome GUI - it has to be loaded, but there are some anomolies in other applications i run that weren't there in 10.10.

This is not to say that it is impossible to fix IDE 1.0 to work with Mega 2560 rev 3 in Ubuntu 10.10, but i couldn't do it.

i've got it working on 10.04LTS (64bit AMD) fine with my mega 2560

took a bit of reading to sort it out many moons ago, but its working, had upgraded to the version 1.0 and it worked, have just pulled the latest git, and its still working fine for my rev.1 2560 ( I have manually changed my bootloader to get around the !!! bug however )