Arduino 1.0 upload problem

Hello all,

I'm not being able to upload any sketch using the new Arduino 1.0 IDE. I receive the following error:
avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

The same scketch uploads ok using the Arduino 022 IDE. I simply quit the 1.0 and start version 022 with exactly the same sketch code and it works.

Can this be related to the FTDI drivers? It seems that they changed in the 1.0 version. I couldn't uninstall the old (022) driver, although I didn't work much on this.

I'm using Windows XP.
By the way, the loopback test works and also tried the trobleshoot.

Thanks in advance,


The same problem occurred after I downloaded the driver from FTDI
Windows 2.08.17(Beta)

Arduino IDE version 0022 upload is working.

Arduino Duemilanove ATMEGA328P-PU
FT232R1 datecode 1032 (2010 week 32)
CAN upload with Arduino 1.0

Arduino Duemilanove ATMEGA328P-PU
FT232RL datecode 1138 (2011 week 38)
CANNOT upload with Arduino 1.0
CAN upload with Arduino 0.22

The difference is in FT232R1 & FT232RL.

I have duemilanova and have same problem with 1.0
Everything works on 0022 but 1.0 gives a sync error.

I updated FTDI with latest beta , but problem still occurs.

I use my DIY board (328p with 16MHz) also got same upload problem in Arduino 1.0

I use Arduino 0023 is work fine with my Prolific USB but no working in at Arduino 1.0 with same settings and connection.

May be I just use back the 0023 until someone get the solution....

hi, I have the exact problem right here, anyone above found the solution yet? or still sticking with 0023 like me? But some of the library I need don't work on older IDE!