Arduino 1.01 Serial issues - Sketch works perfect on Arduino 1.0


I am using win xp sp3, Arduino 1.01, and Arduino Mega 1280. I have a sketch that uses Serial2 to communicate to a device, it works perfectly on Arduino 1.0, but has issues on 1.01. I haven't identified the exact location on where it errors, it works partially, but it is obvious it is a serial communication issue. I have checked the buffer in Hardware.cpp, it is the same for both IDEs. Has anybody else experienced this? Anybody have a solution?



Anybody have a solution?

Without seeing my code, can anyone tell me what is wrong? No.

I just ran across something that could explain this.
I'm running Win7 x64.
Under the Arduino 1.0.1 environment, I get garbage serial data at 28.8kbps, but fine data at 115.2kbps.

I double checked the serial output with another terminal program (PuTTY, configured for "serial" on COM4).
It turns out the data coming out of my Arduino Uno board was fine.

Something's wrong with the serial monitor packaged with the Arduino 1.0.1 environment.
The following output was generated at one character per second, just counting 0 to 9 and recycling:
Data displayed by PuTTY: 012345678901234567890
Data displayed by Arduino 1.0.1 Serial Monitor: üÿüþüÿüÿýÿüÿüþüÿüÿýÿü
Both monitors were running at 28800bps.

And, this thread hasn't seen any traffic since August. There's probably a better place for me to post about this...