Arduino 1.5.7 CC430 panStamp library for Wizzimote

I have downloaded Arduino 1.5.7Beta version, to use the panstamp library for the CC430 of Texas Instruments that was developed by panStamp team. PanStamp( has a board NRG at 868MHz. Unfortunately, I need to work at 433MHz, and by the moment they will note develop one at this frequency. So I wanted to use a Wizzimote Board at 433MHz.

My questions is: What needs to be done to be able to use the Wizzimote board instead of panStamp NRG (Both boards share the same CC430).
For what I read I need to generate a new pins_arduino.h for the Wizzimote. I have a first version done, but any link to some resource where it is explained clearly how the pins are defined will be appreciated.
When replacing original pins by my version, nothing changes, it doesn’t find new definitions, but it finds old ones which are not supposed to be there anymore. It’s is clear that there is something that I am missing. What I did it is just modify pins_arduino.h
About uploading. I wanted to use TI MSP-FET430UIF, is it possible with Arduino 1.5? I modified the board file
and included tilib,but it gave me an error: missing upload.param.quiets.