Arduino 1.5.8 Download Fails [Solved]

I'm trying to download

The download is going very very slow, although apparently I have bandwidth to spare as I can load webpages and even videos at the same time without a problem.

The downloads haven't finished without the connection being reset. To be fair the intermittence might be my ISP. Still I can't seem to resume the download, nor can I get it to download with cURL.

Is there a mirror of these files that supports http range requests so I can resume my download and hopefully finish before the day is out?

I got curl to work by using the redirect URL rather than the AWS/DreamObject directly:

curl -LOGC -

Still it would be nice if resuming a download just worked in Chromium or whatever. And you should publish hashes so that it can just be downloaded or shared anywhere and the hash can easily be verified. Maybe publish a torrent and post a magnet.