arduino 1.5.8 user libraries create multiple sublevel under folder in C:\Users..

Hi, installing the arduino 1.5.8 beta on win7 64bit I got the folder name below, after addling a library for the function generator for arduino due


It's impossible to copy anything here as the name too long error appears

I would like to have the installation in english, but the language automatically matches the OS's



Where is that zip file that you added ? You can unzip it, and copy the right folder in the right place.

Is it this one ? But I don't see a library or zip file. Only an *.ino and a *.h.

Hi, sorry I did not explain it well. It's the first attempt with due and this version. From the site you indicate

I downloaded the FunctionGenerator.ino and Waveforms.h files, each inside a folder with the same name. I do not know if that's also the way to save the Waveforms.h library, or must be in the same folder with the .ino, with or without homonimous folder name, sorry I did not understand that point.

I loaded up the signal generator file .FunctionGenerator.ino into arduino 1.5.8 IDE

From the menu I selected add library and selected the file Waveforms.h but, with 1.5.8 nothing was written so I looked and found the deep sublevels with an empty folder at the bottom.

however, using the arduino version 1.0.6 an include command was written on the top of the C code script when I added Waveforms.h library file, even it was not suited for.

There may be no .h file at the end of the tree because windows 7 does not allow a file copy command with so long a name. I could not drag the .h file in.

Is it possible to choose the language at setup, I feel more comfortable with an English IDE.

Thanks for your attention.