Arduino 1.6.3 won't open with New iMac and New Uno

Hi all,

I'm new here. I just opened a new iMac with OS X Yosemite 10.10.2, and have an Uno with Arduino 1.6.3. I downloaded the Arduino software and copied the folder into Applications. First Terminal gave me an error saying that I needed to install Java JDK, so I did that with the latest available version. Now it is giving me the following:

"readlink: illegal option -- f
usage: readlink [-n] [file ...]
Error: Could not find or load main class

Any suggestions? I haven't been able to find anything, and I did spend about an hour looking through forums and guides. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions!

To fill in a bit more detail which JAVA version from what source?

Had similar error. Went into Arduino program and selected Tools and then Port.

The mac port looks like /dev/cu.usbmodem...

I selected that port and hit enter. A check mark appeared next to the port and then I could upload my pgm

to the arduino. You think the system would do that automatically, but it didn't for me.

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To fill in a bit more detail which JAVA version from what source?

At first Terminal said that no runtime environment was found, so I just downloaded and installed the latest JRE (8u40) from the Java development website (

That didn't work (I can't remember if it was the same error message) so I downloaded the 8u40 JDK from the same website as above. Then I started getting the error message in my original post. I also tried installing an earlier version of Java from the Apple website (Download Java for OS X 2017-001) with no effect.

Any thoughts?

1.6.3 comes bundled with all java requirements in place: you don’t need to install anything else on your own.
Just unpack the zip and double click on the arduino icon. Doesn’t that work?