Arduino 1.6.5 IDE wont open

Greetings forum! I just bought Arduino UNO, and downloaded latest arduino IDE. But the problem is, that i cant run it. When i double cklick Arduino.exe, arduino startup screen go on fo arbout 0.4 and disapear immadiately. i cant even run debug,because it disapears immadiately too. So i opened debug thru cmd.exe, and it showed up this (screenshot). What du you think? I tried to edit memory in l4j files, but nothing happend. Is any solution for this problem? Im running on Windows 7 proffesional 64-bit, 8 gb RAM.

I tried 1.6.0 and zip version of 1.6.5. At 1.6.0 arduino screen stays for about 3 secconds, and then dissapear like at 1.6.5.

Sorry for my bad english guys, im trying my best..


"Just go to Control Panel\System and Security\System. Click the "Advanced System settings" link on the left and it will popup with a system properties box. Click the environment variables box at the bottom of the "Advanced" tab. ANOTHER box will pop up with user variables for your system. If there is a variable "_Java_Options" with the value "-xm -1 -xm -1".......DELETE IT. Confirm deletion. Click "OK" at the bottom of the Environment Variables box."

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