Arduino 1.6.7 & Due: package unknown


I am using 1.6.7 and am trying to compile a Due sketch, and I am getting the following error:
"Board arduino_due_x (platform sam, package arduino) is unknown"

I have tried re installing 1.6.7 as well as the SAM extensions with no luck.


--Tim Resel

Try installing v1.6.5

Installed 1.6.5. Now I get this error:
"arm-none-eabi-gcc: error: C:\Users\TimR\AppData\Local\Temp\build4729772974648923268.tmp/core/syscalls_sam3.c.o: No such file or directory"

After reinstalling or switching IDE versions, you may have to install the board packages. I am using IDE 1.6.6 and SAM/Due board package version 1.6.6. If using older IDE versions, you have to use older board package versions as well. Old IDE with new board package or new IDE with old board package may not work.