Arduino 1.6.7 IDE triggers windows xp error reporting

There still seem to be the same problem as with 1.6.5 where no particular sketch compiles and uploads and then adding a random line of code that compiles OK then triggers windows xp error reporting as soon as it tries to upload the sketch.

In this example, without the line “bool bFlag = false;” the sketch compiles and uploads just fine.

With the line “bool bFlag = false;” uncommented it compiles and then triggers windows xp error reporting.

Presumeably it is a problem with the the avr module.

I don’t have this problem with version 1.0.6

// Install the LowPower library for optional sleeping support.
// See loop() function comments for details on usage.
//#include <LowPower.h>

#include <Wire.h>
#include <Adafruit_MCP23017.h>

CMCP23017 mcp;
uint8_t nArdLEDPin1 = 12, nArdLEDPin2 = 13; 
bool bFlag = false;

void MCPInt1ISR()
  digitalWrite(nArdLEDPin1, HIGH);

void MCPInt2ISR()
  digitalWrite(nArdLEDPin2, HIGH);

void setup()

  //Serial.println("MCP23007 Interrupt Test");

  mcp.begin();      // use default address 0
  // We mirror INTA and INTB, so that only one line is required between MCP and Arduino for int reporting
  // The INTA/B will not be Floating 
  // INTs will be signaled with a LOW
  mcp.setupInterrupts(true, false, LOW);

  // configuration for a button on port A
  // interrupt will triger when the pin is taken to ground by a pushbutton
  mcp.pinMode(0, INPUT);
  mcp.pullUp(0, HIGH);  // turn on a 100K pullup internally
  mcp.setupInterruptPin(0, FALLING); 

  // similar, but on port B.
  mcp.pinMode(1, INPUT);
  mcp.pullUp(1, HIGH);  // turn on a 100K pullup internall
  mcp.setupInterruptPin(1, FALLING);

  pinMode(nArdLEDPin1, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(nArdLEDPin2, OUTPUT);

  attachInterrupt(0, MCPInt1ISR, FALLING);
  attachInterrupt(1, MCPInt2ISR, FALLING);

 * main routine: sleep the arduino, and wake up on Interrups.
 * the LowPower library, or similar is required for sleeping, but sleep is simulated here.
 * It is actually posible to get the MCP to draw only 1uA while in standby as the datasheet claims,
 * however there is no stadndby mode. Its all down to seting up each pin in a way that current does not flow.
 * and you can wait for interrupts while waiting.
void loop()
	digitalWrite(nArdLEDPin1, LOW);
	digitalWrite(nArdLEDPin2, LOW);