Arduino 1.6.7 Installer on Windows 8.1 - Driver installs but no connection


I have an Arduino Uno (from China) and installed the 1.6.7 Installer on my 64 Bit Windows 8.1 Enterpr.
The driver seemed to be correctly installed, no errors in the Device Manager, Arduino serial port is displayed as working, I can set it in tools to the right com-port (as shown in device manager, see attached screenshots)
But no connection to the Arduino at all possible. Upload will fail after a while because of timeout (I guess).

So I tried the old 1.0.6, uninstalled the 1.6.7 and now it is working, I can upload my Sketches, hurra.
Then I downloaded the 1.6.7 zip-file (for not-admin purpose), unzipped it and it works perfectly (still with the 1.0.6 driver).

I want to keep it this way, because the 1.0.6 editor is buggy (e.g. setting font size bigger then default results in wrong cursor position, so maybe there are even more bugs then).

Is there any problems possible if I use 1.6.7 with 1.0.6 driver?
Or is this situation already wellknown?

Thanks for hints I am absolute beginner :slight_smile:


Graphic_02_03_2016 14_26_00.jpg

Graphic_02_03_2016 14_25_57.jpg

Graphic_02_03_2016 14_25_56.jpg

If you have a Arduino from China I'm 99% sure you don't use a driver. 90% of them use the CH341 chip as the serial interface. The other 9,9% use (fake) FTDI or Prolific chips....

So I think it's just another quirk of 1.6.7... Let's say it's not really bug free. I still find 1.6.4 the latest stable version.

You mean, if I install the 1.6.4 (the installer version) the driver would be working most likely? Is there a possible drawback if I use the 1.0.6 driver like I do now?

If 1.6.7 works now I wouldn't complain (but don't be surprised to get a weird error later on). I use 1.6.4 without problems and I can't say that about 1.6.4++.

But again, not a driver problem because you have a board where Arduino itself doesn't supply drivers for in the install.


I will use the 1.6.4 then.

I see little differences in the GUI, the 1.6.7 is a bit more developed, but never mind. Stableness and bugfreeness is much more important, especially for beginner. I tend to search (and search ...) errors at my end if I don't understand the system well.