arduino 1.6 installation on ubuntu 14

Anyone has been able to install latest ide 1.6 on ubuntu 14?
I have tried anything humanly possible but got only installations of ide 1.0
any help will be greatly appreciated!

I have tried the following:
downloaded “arduino-1.6.0-linux32.tar.xz”
unzipped it
tried then ubuntu software center: it installs ide version 1.0.5
removed arduino 1.0.5
tried terminal “sudo apt-get install arduino”: again it installs version 1.0.5
removed this version
tried terminal “sudo apt-get install arduino-1.6.0” it does return errors
I have tried launching the arduino file in the arduino-1.6.0 folder…nothing happens

I think it will take sometime before the debian and ubuntu package maintainers will update the package.

Until then, download the IDE from

Thanks Federico. This is what I've done. But it's been a nightmare so far trying to install it. Is there anything missing on the software? Please re-read my post, I have added more information. Thanks

Forget apt. Just unzip the archive, open the resulting folder and double click on "arduino"

Did it. Many times using different programs. The first time "arduino" has been opened by gedit. The I have tried opening it with any kind of application: run software, software center, etc. with run software it returns me "error" file could not be opened.

Im getting the same issue.
Just try to install arduino 1.1.0 (not sure about that…)

By doing this on the terminal

sudo apt-get install arduino

It will install all the needed component to execute the “arduino” file from the arduino 1.6 folder.

and so:

cd <folder>/arduino-1.6.0
sh arduino

EDIT: 100% functionnal for me

You need to install a java runtime. The one in the Ubuntu repository will work.

Thanks Salfai77 so just to recap your post: your version 1.6 is working fine in ubuntu... could you please recap the steps you have taken to install it? if you launch "sudo apt-get install arduino" from the terminal it will surely install version 1.0.5 (did it already many times!) I have also tried to install it from the arduino-1.6.0 folder and no results apart from always installing the older version. If you could tell me what have been your installation steps that would be great! Ruben

rubborto: Thanks Salfai77 so just to recap your post: your version 1.6 is working fine in ubuntu... could you please recap the steps you have taken to install it? if you launch "sudo apt-get install arduino" from the terminal it will surely install version 1.0.5 (did it already many times!) I have also tried to install it from the arduino-1.6.0 folder and no results apart from always installing the older version. If you could tell me what have been your installation steps that would be great! Ruben

I'm in the same point. Any suggestions?

There's no 1.6 install. Just unzip folder and execute "arduino" file

I’m in the same point. Any suggestions?

run this in the terminal:

chmod +x [your arduino file here] that is: chmod space +x space [the arduino file]

Note! do not include the square brackets, just put the path to the file ‘arduino’ which is located inside the arduino folder you unzipped. If the file you just unzipped wants to open in gedit or similar weird stuff it means you have not set the permissions to allow you to execute the file directly. After that double click the arduino file.

I use nemo or nautilus to do the same thing; right click the file, select properties, look for ‘allow executing file as program’ under permissions tab. Good Luck!

I posted this a couple of weeks ago in ubuntu forum...

I still consider myself a noobie, but here's how I am running Arduino 1.6.3 (on Ubuntu 14.10 using a 5-year old 32-BIT HP computer. FORGIVE ME if this is very simplistic, but I spend HOURS sometimes trying to figure out what some people mean by "open a terminal and type %t/go -get run/play" then you are on a rocketship to the moon! SOOOO... this covers A LOT of basics you may already know (or not, honestly, I barely understand what I'm describing below)

I downloaded the zip file arduino-nightly-linux32.tar.xz from here (YOU MAY NEED 64-bit. Ask your computer what it is: 32-bit or 64-bit): to my desktop.

I double clicked the arduino-nightly-linux.tar.xz icon and it opened a window that showed the .tar.xz file. I clicked the the extract button at the top of the window and extracted the contents of the arduino-nightly-linux.tar.xz archive to my desktop.

This created a folder on my desktop that said "Arduino-Nighly." You need to open that folder. It will show you the contents. RIGHT-click on the icon that says "Arduino." Click properties at the bottom of the list. Click on the tab that says "permissions." Check-mark the box that says "allow executing file as a program." YES, the box SHOULD have a check-mark. Then close all the windows.

Once it was extracted, I could see and open the folder on my desktop (with all my other stuff), but could not run Arduino from there. I opened a terminal (Crtl+Alt+T)... Note: capitalization matters in the terminal and depends on what YOUR machine calls the files/locations you are using...

I typed: cd Desktop and it gave me this prompt: jay@jay:~/Desktop$

I Typed on the line after the $ ls -- I click Enter and it LISTED every file and folder on my desktop.

I could see Arduino-nightly in the list (it was blue for some reason). If you DON'T see it in the list, you are in the WRONG directory and you need to "cd" to the directory it IS IN.

then I typed on the line after Desktop$ cd Arduino-nightly and it gave me this:


after the $ on that line, I typed ./arduino

...and Arduino IDE interface window thing 1.6.3 came up. I programmed a couple of stepper motors I had just bought on Ebay!

I hope that helped.

Thanks johnnycatt, Now I can execute arduino in my linux. But, when I try to compile a skecht I get:

Arduino:1.6.4 (Linux), Placa:"Arduino Leonardo"
Utilizando biblioteca Ethernet en carpeta: /home/julio/Escritorio/arduino-1.6.4/libraries/Ethernet 
Utilizando biblioteca SPI en carpeta: /home/julio/Escritorio/arduino-1.6.4/hardware/arduino/avr/libraries/SPI 

/home/julio/Escritorio/arduino-1.6.4/hardware/tools/avr/bin/avr-g++ -c -g -Os -w -fno-exceptions -ffunction-sections -fdata-sections -fno-threadsafe-statics -MMD -mmcu=atmega32u4 -DF_CPU=16000000L -DARDUINO=10604 -DARDUINO_AVR_LEONARDO -DARDUINO_ARCH_AVR -DUSB_VID=0x2341 -DUSB_PID=0x8036 -DUSB_MANUFACTURER="Unknown" -DUSB_PRODUCT="Arduino Leonardo" -I/home/julio/Escritorio/arduino-1.6.4/hardware/arduino/avr/cores/arduino -I/home/julio/Escritorio/arduino-1.6.4/hardware/arduino/avr/variants/leonardo -I/home/julio/Escritorio/arduino-1.6.4/libraries/Ethernet/src -I/home/julio/Escritorio/arduino-1.6.4/hardware/arduino/avr/libraries/SPI /tmp/build760621517509318316.tmp/SondaDS18B20haciaLAN_ConLibDallas.cpp -o /tmp/build760621517509318316.tmp/SondaDS18B20haciaLAN_ConLibDallas.cpp.o 
/home/julio/Escritorio/arduino-1.6.4/hardware/tools/avr/bin/avr-g++: 1: /home/julio/Escritorio/arduino-1.6.4/hardware/tools/avr/bin/avr-g++: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")
/home/julio/Escritorio/arduino-1.6.4/hardware/tools/avr/bin/avr-g++ retornó 2
Error de compilación

:o Any suggestion?

I can't get Arduino to run on Ubuntu v14. I downloaded the tar.xz file (IDE ver 1.6.1) and extracted the files in my home folder. I made sure the permission on the arduino file allowed it to execute. I installed Java ver 7. When I double click on the arduino file, it's opened in gedit. If I go into terminal and go to the directory where arduino file is located and type arduino, it says arduino is not installed.

When in the arduino directory type ./arduino and press enter. If that fails type bash arduino and press enter.

Had similar problem. Bought 2 Arduino Due boards, got the message that they require the 1.6.5 IDE, so I downloaded it. It didn’t have the Due listed as an option. Had to go to the board manager to download drivers for that board. Going to my Linux laptop (ubuntu 14.10), it had the 1.0.5 IDE. So I downloaded the 64-bit Linux version. It went to the Downloads folder as


From the above post, the file was downloaded to the Desktop folder, with a different rev name. That’s OK.
I opened the archive file using the default Archive Manager by double-clicking the icon for the file in File Manager.
The path I show above is what would be observed in a terminal window.

Since the Archive Manager showed several directories as well as several files, and I already had other files in the Downloads folder (folder == directory), I didn’t want to merge all of the files by simply extracting them into the Downloads folder. Doing that would cause problems if I needed to move files later. I wouldn’t be sure which files belonged to this download. So, I made a new folder within the downloads folder, and moved the download to it.


I could then double-click on this archive file, in this folder, and extract the files here without worries about mixing things up.
When they were all extracted, listing the files in this new folder (from the terminal) shows there to be one executable file (as shown by green lettering instead of the default white). If I use the procedure stated above ( ./arduino ), the script executes and the IDE comes up immediately. However, if I go back to the program launcher to load the program I get the old IDE. This is consistent, because the ./ syntax tells bash to run the program in the current directory. The “arduino” script in that directory has to access files in the other directories which were extracted to function. If these other files and folders get mixed with other things, as is likely to occur if the archive is extracted to the Desktop (or in my case, the Downloads folder), at some future time one or more of those folders might be moved or deleted, causing the IDE to stop working.

There is an “install” script as one of the ‘other’ files, but one notices (in the terminal, white color NOT green) that it isn’t executable. One must make it executable to run it.

cd ~/Downloads/arduino-1.6.5-r5-x64 (in the terminal, for my case)
ls (to make sure is there)
chmod +x

At this point one could just run


However, I mentioned that I had moved the archive file to that folder, and extracted it.
If the install script, does all the moves it requires in the installation, it might cleanup, deleting ALL the files in this folder.
I didn’t want to have to download the archive again, so I moved it back to the Downloads folder before issuing the ./ command, from the new folder.

As it turns out there was no cleanup. All the extracted files remained. That isn’t always the case. At this point, I can leave or delete that whole directory if I desire.

The install script doesn’t do any uninstal of the application downloaded from the ubuntu repository. The App launcher will still bring up the “OLD” install. The NEW IDE 1.6.5 has an icon on the desktop now, which brings up the new App.

While I was in the 1.6.5 IDE from the “immediate” run, I had gone out to the board manager, and downloaded the stuff for the Arduino Due, but I expected that the “installed” version would need to have this done again. I was surprised that this version was able to access the required drivers without doing another download.

If you are not comfortable moving around in the BASH shell (in the terminal) reviewing those commands helps understand what is required. It is what allowed me to understand what the above posters did, to issue proper commands on my system.

Following the previous post allowed me to get a launcher and desktop icon configured for 1.6.5r5, (THANK YOU 56sparks!) however, I am still experiencing a java error, so no joy!

I started a new thread for for the java issue today, so I won't go into it here.


Thanks JohnnyCat!!! I spent like 3 hours trying to figure out why this crap wouldn't work. Your method finally got my IDE running. Ubuntu...bah!!!!