Arduino 1.75 will not install on Win7-64 Bit

I cannot get Arduino V1.75 to install. I am a brand-new Arduino user, but a long time IT guy.

I have checked permissions on the %USER%\AppData\Roaming folder and they are READ/WRITE.

The message I get is:

"Arduino cannot run because it could not create a folder to store your sketchbook".

I have tried running as Administrator, Un-installing and re-installing, re-setting permissions to 'wide open' all to no avail.

I have scoured user forums using Google searches that provide little in way of suggestion further do what I have done already.

To me this is a prime example of BAD software. Creating a great proto-typing platform is fine, but the software needs to work first.

VERY frustrated. :confused:

1.75 is not yet available, 1.6.5 beta will work. Read this thread:

BigBlueMeanie you've probably been tricked by some sticker. Latest IDE is 1.6.5, available from You may want to read this [1] and this [2] to know why and who created confusion

[1] [2]