Arduino 1.8.3 IDE not opening


This has been a reoccurring issue for several days now, but whenever I try opening Arduino or opening a .ino file, the IDE doesn’t open. The icon does show up on my Windows taskbar, but when I try to click it, it doesn’t do anything. In addition, it either shows a blank white screen in the application preview or a black screen as seen in the photo below. I am stumped on what to do, and any suggestions are much appreciated!

P.S. I’m a noob at debugging stuff so lots of guidance is appreciated :slight_smile:

This is the image of what I’m talking about →

Hmm no Picture attached.

However seeing as its on the task bar I suspect you are using CREATE If that is the case then please read this and add the additional info mentioned.

If it is the regular DESKTOP IDE then read this one instead and again add any missing info.

Whilst similar they are quite different in the information you need to provide.