Arduino + 1-Wire DS2450

Hi! I'm pretty new to programming, but I've been playing around with the arduino language and C++ for a little while now. I'm trying to set up a 1-wire (onewire) circuit with several of their DS2450 Quad A/D converters using the Onewire library found on the website.

I'm having trouble working with the library, though; all of the examples on and the forums deal with temperature sensors, and I've got chips that have a data and ground, but then 4 Analog Inputs. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience putting together a code (using the Onewire library) that can read voltages from several of these chips along a series circuit and report all of the voltages back to one master Arduino? Has anyone tried? Would anyone be able to help me out with an example? The Onewire library's just a bit above my head. Thanks!

I got a couple of these DS2450 (damn they are pretty small!) but still didn’t have time to tinker it.
You need to download the datasheet, inside you’ll find the commands to read values from the chip.

Yeah they're waaay smaller than I was expecting eh? I had to mount them on a larger board just to work with them.

I got the datasheet too - that was the part where I got lost though - I don't know enough yet to be able to figure it out from there.

The temperature sensor code looks clean on the Arduino website, so I was hoping someone had worked out a similarly clean-loooking code for getting these DS2450s working. Let me know if you do.

Maybe if you got a temp sensor and got it up and running first. It reports the 8 bytes of data in the DS61820 returned which is what your chip will return but it has a few 8 byte pages and you have to select the page returned (although you only want the first page)

Then look at the differences in the command set between the two one wire devices, change the commands and play close attention to the timing of the commands. Should not be too hard to work out. I think the Pull up resistor is a differnt value though.

I had some luck with the one in my weather station...

I found I needed a 2k2 pullup resistor on the data line.

Hope it helps.