arduino + 1-wire temp sensors + old gsm cellular

Iám planning to start a project and now I want some ideas and help from you.

I want the arduino connected to a couple of 1-wire temp sensors (ds18s20) and to an old gsm. The meaning with this project is to be able to get temperatures from a house far away via an sms and the arduino should send me an sms if the temperature is too low.

What arduino should i buy? I have no experience in arduino before, but in electronics, computers and 1-wire.

Will the project be too difficult to build as the first project?

I am sorry for my bad english!



you could pick up a duemillanova card and learn basics on it (take a look on tutorials, etc...).

When you know the basics, could try this library for sms (I found it googling for "arduino sms") and ds18s20 (googling again):

Take all the time you need and make your project step by step: first read temperature and send it to pc via serial port. Later, try sending a sms with any message. Last step: send temperature using sms.

I hope to have helped you.

Thanks a lot Crist!

Today I ordered the Duemillanova. Now just wait a couple of days for "christmas eve" :D