Arduino 101 and Parallax BoE Shield for Arduino


I'm trying to use an Arduino 101 with the Parallax Board of Education Shield for Arduino and when I attempt to use this combo with 2 servos connected to the servo connections on the shield (the power selector on the shield is set to 2 - Breadboard + Servo), the servos either just sputter or periodically move just slightly. If I use the same config and same code with an Uno R3 it works just fine and I can control the servos via code at will. I am using the battery powered option from the BoE kit (7.5v) and have tried to change the jumper on the shield from 5v to Vin but neither seems to allow the 101 to move the servos. Also, if I try to send any serial messages while running this combo with the 101, it just seems to get bogged down and stops printing message or move the servos ( I have found if I remove the USB cable from the 101 to the computer I get only slightly better results).

Has anyone had any success with this combo?



Hi, actually with 7.5V I have your same issue. However I succeeded doing it having 12V input or shorting the USB 1.5 jumper on the board and using an AC wall USB adapter. I'm investigating on the first issue because is strange while the second is pretty normal because the USB is limited to 400mA so if your servos absorb too much current the rail goes down and the board is reset

Yeah, I had a similar issue with the Galileo 1 and ended up using a secondary power source for the peripherals since it kept rebooting or the Arduino sketch would get stuck in a loop. With the 101, I'm wondering if the RTOS is playing into the issue.

I did try using the Grove Starter Kit Plus - Intel IoT Edition with the 101 and was able to get the LCD, a servo, temp sensor and a ping sensor all working in unison with the 101. But, once I put a second servo in the mix, the 101 started the hiccup routine again. Perhaps there is an issue using digital pins 12 and 13 on board. "She can't take it Captain!, She just doesn't have the power!" was going through my mind.