Arduino 101 and USB Host Shield (FYI)

Lately I have been playing with a couple of usb host shields and to decided to give it a try with the 101 board especially since someone added support for the 101 into the USB Shield 2.0 library from tkjelectronics (see Arduino 101 board issue · Issue #219 · felis/USB_Host_Shield_2.0 · GitHub). I purchased two types of shields: (1) Keyes Usb host shield from funduino and (2) a pro mini from

The Keyes USB host shield from Funduino did not work with the 101 board but did work with the uno. Tried a couple of power options but no joy - so must be something else.

The pro mini version (with a minor hardware modification) worked out of the box. I have an official version from tkjelectronics of the shield version on order so I am going to do some more testing on this.

The interesting thing now is with library is that there is sketch for BT SPP using the usb host shield. If this works it will issues of using BLE with PC and processing on a desktop. There are several threads on this already.

Just as an update the full sized shield from tkjelectronics arrived today and works out of the box with the 101 board. This now means that you can have access to BT SPP as well as hooking up a DS4 controller.