Arduino 101 AREF

1) Anybody knows what is the function of AREF on the Arduino 101? It seems to stay at zero volt. In the schematics I don't find a connection to the Curie module. So I think it is not connected at all.

2) Is there anywhere on the web a drawing of the pinout of the 101 like any other Arduino board, with all possible funntions clearly indicated by name and color?

Aref pin stands for analog referance and is used for setting a referance voltage for analog pins

Sorry, I know what AREF means. I use it e.g. on an Arduino UNO board. But this question is about the Arduino 101 (with Intel Curie chip).

The schematic is on the 101 product page around here.

Also did you try "arduino 101 pin" or "arduino 101 schematic" in google or your favourite browser ? If you use google then tell it to look for IMAGES with that search.

The above works for me with lots of results.