Arduino 101 cant read MS5607 Altimeter Module on I2C?

Hey! Somewhat inexperienced when it comes to coding but i can work my way around most stuff. I just want to get output from this MS5607 module. I tried using the I2C scanner from the arduino playground (Arduino Playground - I2cScanner) and used the example code from the MS5607 library ( Both of them couldnt detect the module. What do you guys think the error is?

My connection with the module and the Arduino 101 board (respectively) is as follows:

Altimeter: Arduino 101:
VIN 3.3V (also tried 5V, MS5607 can use from 3.3V to 6.5V)
SDA SDA (Also tried SCL, and A4/A5)
SCL SCL (Also tried SDA, and A4/A5)

What else can I try? I'll also connect this to my Arduino Uno board later today and see if it's maybe a problem with my board.