Arduino 101 code for bluetooth control of a servo

I can't find the code or schematic for controlling a servo with the 101 board. Can anyone help me?

Sorry I'm trying to control a servo with the 101 board using bluetooth.

Have you read and explored Arduino - CurieBLE ?

You need to understand BLE

I can get the ble to connect and turn a LED on but don't understand how to make it run the servo.

Do you know how to program on iOS or android? The provided app is pretty crude...

All of the code I've found on this and other sites has been for when you had to wire the BLE mod onto the Arduino. I'm not sure how to wire it on the 101 and none of the code I've tried seems to work with this new setup.

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Bluetooth LE is embedded in the 101, it is not an add on component and it does not present itself with a serial profile (SPP) if this is what you are trying to do.