Arduino 101 Codebender support?

Hello, I just bought an Arduino 101 and i wanted to know if Codebender has support for it. Thanks in advance.

Currently codebender is not compatible with the platform 101 runs on, but we’re working towards that.

Once that happens we will consider adding support for this board as well. I’m setting the status to “not yet” to reflect this. Please upvote to show your support and to receive updates when the status change


Hey samdaboss, since I'm the founder of codebender I thought I would pitch in

We need to update the version of the Arduino SDK we are using internally in order for us to support the 101, and that makes some incompatible changes which break people's code, so we are working hard on a transition that addresses that and helps people convert their code back to working condition

We also need to dedicate a lot of resources to support the 101, and given that we're a small team of people, it's hard to do without Arduino's or Intel's support