Arduino 101 CurieIMU.begin() hangs forever


I just got my Arduino 101 and tested some of the examples. Blink, SerialCommunication and BLE Sketches worked all fine.

Then I wanted to try the curieIMU sketches, but when running the arduino hangs just forever after CurieIMU.begin() was called. I tried to switch on the onboard led after the command or sending something over serial. Nothing happens even after long times of waiting. Serial disconnects sometime then.

I installed Arduino IDE from the Download page and followed the instructions for getting started with the 101. My version is 1.6.12. I tested different usb cables, usb ports (2.0/3.0) and different operating systems. The arduino is just new, it can be broken yet. I unpacked it and only handled it carefully on my dry and clean wooden table.

Is there something I forgot?



Could making a Photo with my DSLR camera ruin the IMU chip? In this article Xenon Death Flash: a free Physic Lesson is described how a flash of a camera can create small currents on the board. The Raspberry Pi cant be destroyed by simple flash from my Nikon D3000, but maybe the Arduino can.

Is there a way how I can find out why the function does not respond?