Arduino 101 Custom Bluetooth Service

I understand that the 101’s Bluetooth operates on the premise of Services and Characteristics, but when I read Bluetooth’s documentation, it said to create a custom service, I’d need an account on their site and submit a request for a specification.

In order to create an account, I have to be a part of a company which I’m not. Is there another way to make a custom service/specification that I’m just not seeing?

Thank you

The process you are describing is for registering a new Service/Characteristic in the BLE spec.
You don't need to do that. You can just create your own in code and use it

For an example see the code generated by free pfodDesigner android app for the Arduino 101 target which includes a 'serial' service that is NOT official since there is NO official 'serial' service.

also see the Arduino 101 examples on