Arduino 101 Detecting and Measuring the RSSI from a smart phone

Hello ladies and gents,

I am trying to make the Arduino 101 detect a bluetooth signal from an android phone and use the RSSI value to estimate the proximity of the phone, e.g. Samsung Galaxy S6, and I have trouble detecting the phone. I've used the Scan example from the CurieBLE examples but it detects everything else except the phone. My end goal is to use the Arduino 101 to detect any incoming signals from certain devices and verify their bluetooth addresses to open a door automatically, but that's a long way off. Right now I'm just trying to configure on-board LED to light up whenever the phone gets close enough. Are there any good examples/solutions I can use? I'm a super newbie, so please bear with me.

RSSI is essentially useless for determining distances, and very unreliable for proximity, because the value depends on other things much more strongly than distance.

Is making multiple beacons with the Arduinos a good idea? I've read about the trilateration method from the Internet, and I was wondering if I could apply that method here.

Check out the Pozyx system, which uses RF beacons as you suggest.