Arduino 101 dies after trying to use servo

Hello everyone,

I was recently experimenting with my arduino board and I was using the sweep sketch to test a servo motor. I had followed the instructions from this webpage:

It worked for a couple seconds and then suddenly my board just died. That was it. I'm not entirely sure what happened, whether I made a fatal error or some other issue, but my board doesn't work anymore which sucks a bit. Any advice on what to do or perhaps someone might know what happened. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I suspect you are dragging far too much current from the 5V pin but I don't know what the specification for that pin is (never seen a 101). What servo are you using?


Thanks for the message steve,

I was using an MG996R servo. This was attached to 5V, GND and pin 9 on the arduino

Servos and motors should never be powered from the 5V pin. You might get away with it for micro servos lightly loaded but an MG995R isn't one of those. Use a separate power supply for the servo. 4 x rechargable NiMH AA cells are my favourite. And don't forget to connect the battery -ve to the Arduino GND.


Good to know, thank you!

Wish i'd known it a bit sooner as it is too late now for my arduino but I will remember that for the future