Arduino 101 does not send any data back to custom PC application

Hi, Current I am using Arduino 101 board to control some parts of the tool that I am building. My PC application is developed using C#. I tested my Arduino code in UNO,DUE,TINY and MEGA and works perfectly. But when I use Arduino 101 with the same code, its does not do any serial communication with PC (USB -serial connection - that used to program the board). I changed different baud rates and the issue is the same. (No data coming to PC even if I write Serial.println("test") in a while loop. However if I use applications like Arduino Serial Monitor, CoolTerm or Putty, It works correctly (PC receives the data) . This seems like a timing issue with C# serial module and the Arduino 101 board. Could some one help me with correcting the issue that I am facing ?

Thanks, Pubudu

I am updating the answer to the above question. IN C# software, you need to enable RTS and DTR.

SerialPort.DtrEnabled = true; SerialPort.RtsEnabled = true;

Everything works fine now.