Arduino 101 Eagle Files not opening

I'm trying to open the Arduino 101 Eagle files from the Product Page of Arduino 101 and I get the following error:

Loading /Users/Documents/Projects/EagleCAD/Arduino101/Arduino_101_H94226-002_RA.brd ... Error: line 1, column 1: Start tag expected.

I can open other .sch and .brd files downloaded from

I am running Eagle 7.5 64bit on a Mac.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong or if the files are ok or not?

thanks, John

The board file is not in Eagle format. It's done with Cadence Allegro, you can download free viewer from here:

Be sure to download 16.6 to be able to open the file. I already sent email to Arduino support to fix the 101 product page.

Thanks for the reply. I'll give Allegro a go.


Although this thread is old (almost 1 year), I'm trying to find Arduino 101 Eagle board layout and schematic files.

I would like to add a 3.8v li-ion battery to the PV_BATT and VSYS pins and could really use the layout information in any file format, but eagle would be preferred.

Hi, Intel made the design in Cadence and no translator from Cadence to Eagle are present I’m sorry

Thanks, using the Cadence viewer I've found the vin(1) and vin(2) pads are grounded in a way not easily separated, therefor the on board battery charger isn't available on the Arduino 101. Too bad.