Arduino 101 Eagle Files

The document files in arduino and sprakfun, when dowloaded can't be opened in eagle, and lately I was informed that the files are not eagle files, but altium files, if I am not wrong. So does anyone knows where I could download the eagle files of the arduino 101?

The BRD file that Arduino, Intel, and Sparkfun link to can be open in Allegro Viewer. Unfortunately this isn't helpful since—as your question indicates—EagleCAD is what most of us are using.

I've been trying to stay in-the-know on this topic for the last 7 months. To my knowledge there are no Intel Curie .LBR files, and no Arduino 101 .SCH .BRD files readily available that have been validated (although I am working with SnapEDA to do this now).

Checkout this thread for a recent Intel Curie EagleCAD LBR file I've posted