Arduino 101 not responding through USB

I purchased an Arduino 101 a few weeks ago.

It initially worked fine, but every so often was not recognized when plugging USB into a windows 10 PC. The computer would recognize a device was plugged in, but would disconnect with an error message. Pressing master reset and plugging / unplugging the USB would eventually get it operating.

Recently the computer has stopped even responding (bing sound) when it is plugged in. Green power light on the board is on. I've tried this on multiple other computers and get the same result. Any Ideas? Is this a defective board?

Hello Joe.

Probably the number one thing to avoid with most Arduinos is USB 3.0 ports.

The 101 is quite picky about things especially communications.

You are on windows 10 but didn't say if you were using the APP or the regular desktop IDE. People have reported issues with using the APP version of the ide and in quite a few cases installing the FULL IDE has helped a lot.