Arduino 101 Overheating!!!!!!!!

Hey guys!

Last week I got my first 101 and plugged it into my usb port to do the blink code and within seconds, the power circuitry is overbearingly HOT!!

Upon further investigation and looking at the schematics I am not 100% sure but I think it is the U10 chip, found in the"Barrel Power Input" section, second page of

I think this is the IC that switches the power selection from barrel to usb.

Ive tried a 12V wall wart, 9 volt and usb power, as well as just a 3.7 lipo and a 5v supply plugged into the vcc, all make the board light up(but get hot!) and all current draw is under 500 mA, for everything. For an instance the board drew around 350mA from the 12 v wall wart(which seems a bit much, no?)

note: no peripherals, just that chip eating away current...

This chip gets so hot that I can not touch it, and I don't want to let the magic blue smoke out so do you have any suggestions?

Im thinking maybe a seed post might get ideas flowing?

First idea: Can someone run a 101 board on 5 volts (through vcc) and measure the current draw?

Second: I can power the board tapping directly into the input of the main regulator, but that IC mentioned above still gets very hot.

Third: I removed the inductor that is between the output of the IC and the regulator, this is successful to stopping that IC from overheating. The barrel connector can not be used to power it anymore but that is fine, the usb power, and vcc are still viable inputs.

Any ideas as to why that IC was overheating would be nice, I've checked all the solder connections I can see, and every component seems sturdy.

Hope ya guys have a good one!

I also forgot to mention that my rx and tx lights don't/didn't work. On the schematic link I posted earlier, I don't really see where a short would affect anything, save for when those lights should blink.
Note:the power light works though!!!

My 101 draws a max of 70mA via USB, according to one of those little USB voltage/current meters (and the USB cable I grabbed has LEDs in it, so that probably adds a bit.) Nothing on it gets hot.

Time to return your board?

Ahh well poop...

Thank you very much for getting that measurement!!

Do you think I should contact the store about this or Intel(the manufacturer)?

Thanks for ya time!

Hello Everyone

i have a question about flashing genuino 101 right now..
how to reinstall bootloader in genuino 101?

my problem is, i have a genuino 101 which can not detect to my computer and the intel curie chip always overheating.
thx for your time, maybe you can send me the solution about this problem.