Arduino 101 schematic and board design files


I downloaded the resources found in 's Documentation section but could not find the information I was looking for. The .brd merely contained dimensions of the board and not its routing and components' placement. Am I missing something in using the .brd file provided or is this information not available (yet)?

Hi Kaveena,

There's an open issue on Github to track this request. I would suggest taking a look and adding comment if it's a similar request.

If it's not the same, could you please open a new issue on Github.

Does not the PDF offer any assistance ?

This looks quite useful

@sandeepmistry, thanks for pointing that out, it is indeed the same issue.

Turns out that I was missing something! I merely had to toggle the visibility of the layers of the brd file -_- using Allegro Free Viewer (as pointed out by tech support)!