Arduino 101 -Sigfox

I had tried to execute the thinxtra(Sigfox) ( example over an Arduino 101 board but when I try to compile the arduino IDE return “fatal error: avr/wdt.h: No such file or directory
#include <avr/wdt.h>”

Also, I had tried with another sketch without include the “avr/wdt.h” ( library and then, at compile return errors like “48: error: invalid conversion from ‘const char*’ to ‘uint8_t* {aka unsigned char*}”

These errors only appear when compiling on the Arduino 101 board, on the Arduino UNO board these do not appear.

Any idea?.


Any idea?.

The UNO has an AVR processor (ATmega328p) while the 101 has an ARM CPU. Many (especially older) libraries for the Arduino world use low level features of the AVR family of CPUs which are not available on the 101.

The second error results from a pickier compiler on the ARM platform. Just change the line

Send_Pload((const char*)&temp, sizeof(temp));


Send_Pload((uint8_t *)&temp, sizeof(temp));

and this error won’t show up again.