Arduino 101 to HM-10 BLE communication

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to establish a connection between my Arduino 101 and a Arduino Uno (connected to a HM-10 Module) via BLE.

I want the 101 (peripheral) to advertise a simple characteristic, wich stores a value 0/1. The Arduino Uno (central) on the other hand just has to read the value and if changed, turn its own led on or off.

I was able to connect the two devices via the AT commands of the HM-10, however, the HM-10 seems to recieve no data. I also connected booth devices to my android and checked, wether the devices work (i was able to read and manipulate the characteristic easyly).

I will upload the codes i used. Hopefully someone experienced something smilar. If you need any further information to solve this riddle, please contact me :smiley:

central.ino (1.85 KB)

peripheral.ino (2.22 KB)

Okay, i found out the AT command "AT+COMP1" fixed the problem!