Arduino 101 upload times out

There is an old post by ‘Pert’ with a link to a file that was supposed to fix the upload timeout problem.

The link was: and this link is broken.

The solution was to replace the file: C:\Users\Beat Arnet\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\Intel\tools\sketchUploader\1.6.4+1.14/clupload/

Does anyone know where the file is and if it is truly a fix.

That issue was fixed a while ago. That link is dead because it was merged into the main repository back in January. Are you using the latest Intel Curie Boards version? That issue was caused by user names with a space in them on Windows. The cause of your time out may be something else.

Thanks for the quick reply and clarification.

(Arduino 101 with Windows 10 machine) After reading the posts, I found that I can get the sketch to upload most of the time by fiddling with the Master Reset while attempting to upload. Is there a permanent fix for the upload issue?

I haven’t seen this every time I have an upload failure, but when the sketch fails to upload there is usually a line in the message pane that says Port is Port rather than Port is Com 3 or Arduino 101 Com 3. I wish I had a copy of the text, but the sketches uploading correctly this morning. When it appears next, I will copy and post it. When this message does appear, I can go to the IDE and see the correct port and in the Windows device manager.

Another and possibly more important question is this. Are these boards reliable enough to use in actual products I sell to customers or are these only really designed for hobbyists?

If you’re getting intermittent timeouts then your issue is definitely not related to a space in your user name. As to what the actual issue is I can’t say. I don’t have any experience with the 101. You might try a different USB cable and port. A bad connection could cause intermittent timeouts.