Arduino 101 Uploading code timeout erro

I saw an old thread about this, and just start a new topic as that one was idle for a long time.

I can use my Arduino 101 with Windows 10 PC to upload a new sketch and use serial monitor to communicate with it. However, I ran into uploading error on my Unbuntu 16.04 on Dell XPS 13. The error msg is ERROR: Timed out waiting for Arduino 101.

Arduino 101 board: VID 8087, PID 0AB6 Arduino AVR: 1.6.17, Intel Curie 2.0.2

The new 2.0 firmware seems to have fixed a lot of timing bugs.

Have you installed it yet ?

Could you tell me how to upgrade my Arduino 101's firmware? thanks,

Hi Scheng

It was a little awkward but I will try re-create what worked for me under Win 7 x64 pro.

  1. Make sure you don't have anything else using the internet just until you are done so turn off anything eg torrents, gadgets and apps that rely on current weather data etc etc.

  2. Turn off your Antivirus and if you also have any other antimalware programs turn them off too but again only until its done

  3. Open the IDE ( I used 1.8.2) and make sure it has the latest board cores. A. Open TOOLS and select BOARD / BOARD MANAGER. B. In the TYPE box select UPDATEABLE. C. If there are any that need updates get them now and let them complete. D. Optional but I closed out the IDE and then opened it again.

  4. Select TOOLS and ensure you have selected the 101 and the correct COM port.

  5. in PROGRAMMER select "Arduino/Genuino 101 Firmware Updater"

  6. Hit the BURN BOOTLOADER below it.

  7. You might have to hit MASTER RESET but it will tell you if you need to do that in the IDE lower console.

Thats all there was to it here.

First attempt failed here but second time it gave me the

cool, it works after upgrading firmware. thanks,

@ Scheng

Can I take that your 101 is nor performing a little better since the upgrade ?