Arduino 101 using Command-line

Hello All,

I am using Udoo X86 board for my robotic arm. It is having an Intel Curie as a co-processor and can be used as an Arduino 101 board.

I am able to install Arduino IDE on Udoo, and able to build and upload program in Curie.
But in actual application, there will be no GUI interface and only command-line interface.

So I will need to build and upload the code with command-line tools.
I got to know this can be easily done for Arduino Uno (i.e. for AVR micro-controller), but I am not finding the same thing for Arduino 101 (Intel Curie).

Can somebody please let me know how to build and upload my program in Arduino 101 using command-line.


You could do this via the Arduino IDE’s command line interface:

There is also a command line-only replacement for the Arduino IDE:

but you should be aware that is still in beta development stage so you might run into some bugs.

It’s also possible to use the Intel Curie toolchain without the Arduino IDE. If you turn on File > Preferences > Show verbose output during: > compilation and File > Preferences > Show verbose output during: > upload and do an upload to your Curie via the Arduino IDE, you will see all the commands the Arduino IDE ran to compile and upload the sketch. That will be a more complex approach.