Arduino 101

I have a problem with the new arduino,to put it nicely it does work. Furst thing out of the box I attempted to run the gyroscope project. I went throughthe entire procedure, installed the intel curie curie board as instructed. I install added the required library madgwik . I copied the code directly from the arduino site and pasted it into a new sketch to eliminate any typos. I also did the same with the processing portion, which by the way has worked fine. I compiled the sketch and it failed, and has failed several times since. The error codes to follow:
C:\Users\MIKEL\Documents\Arduino\libraries\arduino_267393\src\MadgwickAHRS.cpp: In static member function 'static float Madgwick::invSqrt(float)':

C:\Users\MIKEL\Documents\Arduino\libraries\arduino_267393\src\MadgwickAHRS.cpp:218:20: warning: dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules [-Wstrict-aliasing]

:frowning: long i = (long)&y;

C:\Users\MIKEL\Documents\Arduino\libraries\arduino_267393\src\MadgwickAHRS.cpp:220:16: warning: dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules [-Wstrict-aliasing]

:frowning: y = (float)&i; >:(


Sketch uses 48,054 bytes (24%) of program storage space. Maximum is 196,608 bytes. Cannot run program "C:\Users\MIKEL\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\Intel\tools\arduino101load\1.6.4+1.18/arduino101load/arduino101load": CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified
at java.lang.ProcessBuilder.start(
at cc.arduino.packages.Uploader.executeUploadCommand(
at cc.arduino.packages.uploaders.SerialUploader.uploadUsingPreferences(
at cc.arduino.UploaderUtils.upload(
Caused by: CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified
at java.lang.ProcessImpl.create(Native Method)
at java.lang.ProcessImpl.(
at java.lang.ProcessImpl.start(
at java.lang.ProcessBuilder.start(
... 9 more
One interesting thing I have noticed (notice the frowniing faces) is that neither one of these lines is found in code. I did a search and neither one came up.

Just a little background.
I have installed and reinstalled 1.6.9. Yes I have installed the 101 in board manager, it is set to com 3.
I have even gone so far as to check my version of Java it is 8.91. The pc is a quad 2 2.2 ghz board running 8 G of memory on win 10, all updates done. So far I am scratching my head and am not really pleased with how this boardis not performing. Can you please help me out here. Thanks My personal e-mail is the same as my arduino account. SN 984fee0f5ec5 OR ae66425q60201x5 (take your pick), can we make the numbers any smaller.

I had a similar problem yesterday with regards to the "arduino101load CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified" error message when trying to upload to a 101 with 1.6.9.
After reading the forum today I am suspicious that my McAfee is removing the file and I'll be able to check that only tonight back at home. So my question to you would be:
Do you have McAfee (or another antivirus really...)?
And if so, can you check your quarantine space and see if any Arduino IDE related files may have been moved there , particularly this "arduino101load" file?

Please let me know & hope it help, Alex

I have just now disabled mcafee. I will check as soon as I close this. Thanks

Good try I have no quarantined files on my pc. The Mcafee quarantined folder is empty,