Arduino 10v?

Hi Folks,

I'm working with an industrial sensor that requires 10v to operate properly. So my question is this... is there an arduino board that will allow for 10v out (mega) or is there a way to push the 10v I need to the sensor?

Thanks in advance folks!

A separate 10V to 30V power supply will be needed.

Then you'll need to check the output to see if it's open-collector. (I assume an NPN type)
If so, you can use INPUT_PULLUP and connect the output straight to an Arduino digital input. If there's an internal pullup in the unit, to the 10V to 30V supply, you'll need additional components to interface.

The spec sheet doesn't have enough info, except to say NPN or PNP and light-on or light-off. Some testing will be required before you attempt to connect it to an Arduino. I hope you have a DMM.

I think that this was really a question for "General Electronics" or "Project Guidance", rather than "Installation and Troubleshooting".