Arduino 13 bug?  Documentation bug?

  1. Arduino 13: Can't prints sketches from File/Print. I just get a blank page with no printing. Same sketches print fine in Arduino 12.

  2. Documentation: Minor bug with DigitalWrite in Arduino Reference. When I print the DigitalWrite documentation it prints on two pages. The first page only has two lines including the Arduino title with the rest of the page blank. The second page has the rest of the information on the DigitalWrite.

Anyone else having similar problems?

Thanks. :)

Could you say what operating system you're using?

Good question.

Using Windows XP Professional, SP2

I'm running Windows XP pro SP3 and IDE 13 prints fine for me and I didn't have to do anything.



I just tried a different sketch and it print fine in 13. I then printed the original sketch that had problems yesterday (slightly revised from when I tried to print it yesterday). It prints OK. A mystery.

I think the problem is on my end and not a Arduino software problem.

Thanks for the insight to "solving" my first problem. :)

Have you checked bug 2. DigitalWrite Reference documentation still prints on two pages with on two lines printing on page 1. :(