Arduino 16 extremely slow and crashes on Tool menu


I have recently installed the Arduino 16 software on my Windows XP SP2 machine. The software is extremely slow to start, and does not always do so. When it does start, it hangs up for several minutes or stops working altogether whenever I try to access the Tool menu. The tool menu will drop down a gray box but will not be filled with text when it hangs.

I am trying to connect to the Arduino Mini through the USB Mini. I have already installed all the drivers and so far it the hardware seems to have connected to the computer.

I have tried to start Arduino with both the hardware connected and disconnected. I have restarted my machine in between attempts. However, in both cases the Arduino software behaves the same way.

I'd be happy to try any suggestions.


My first guess would be that you have some Bluetooth serial devices installed on your machine.

See this post here, I installed the library provided there, and it cleared the problem right up.

The solution you proposed worked! Thanks so much!!! Kevin